At PMC Paintworks, car body repairs in Bournemouth we know that daily life takes it toll on your car bodywork. Scratches , chips, bumps & dents can leave your pride and joy looking a little worse for wear.

In daily life car bodywork gets damaged & that’s a FACT!

It may not be intentional, a stone chip or a ding in the supermarket car park to something a little more malicious like someone running a key down the side. Then there is accident damage whether that be you reversing into something or someone driving into you.

PMC Paintworks in Bournemouth Dorset Can Help You

No matter what the damage, you are in good hands with PMC Paintworks!

No matter what the car body damage is, you may find that we can repair the car bodywork damage for less than the excess on your insurance policy.

Call Us Now at PMC Paintworks Car Body Repair Specialist to see if your car body repair or car paint scratch or vandal damage can be repaired for less than the cost of claiming on your Car Insurance.

We can repair every panel on the vehicle to include Bumpers, wings, doors, bonnet, wing mirrors and even the alloy wheels. We are also able to replace these panels and then colour match them to your vehicle.